Job Listings

Job Duties
Core Responsibilities

  • Manage and assign caseload of clients experiencing mental illness and/or developmental disabilities
  • Assessing client needs by:
    • Developing, implementing and reviewing service plans
    • Work with other community resources in meeting/achieving client service needs and goals

  • Participates as directed in the screening of new service requests within the care home by means of and agency approved procedure which ensures that all individuals are adequately and appropriately served according to their individual needs
  • Participates in monthly staff meetings at all responsible locations
  • Performs in service of individual plan of service to all staff during meetings
  • Accepts newly assigned cases in which the diagnostic intake has been completed by a licensed provider
  • Completes case management assessment on all clients entering caseload
  • Coordinates and facilitates person centered planning meeting with treatment team to discuss and create individualized goals for the resident
  • Develops comprehensive treatment plans with residents as the means for implementing appropriate services and developing effective relationships with residents
  • Provides on-going supportive and/or case management functions in accordance with the problems, needs, and the strategies identified within the service plan in order to help the residents to achieve the stated goals and objectives
  • Provides face to face visits with the client and/or relevant staff on a regular basis to assess the progress made in reaching goals so that the individual plan of service can be modified as necessary to ensure that the goals and objectives are being achieved
  • Documents all contacts on a timely basis including face-to-face interviews, collateral and networking contacts, correspondence and maintains the case records in accordance with agency and regulatory standards and requirements
  • Communicates effectively with treatment team, the representative agency and other members of the community to advocate for treatment of medical necessity for the resident,
  • Promote awareness and inclusion and represent Flatrock in a professional manner
  • Participates in interagency planning and service coordination activities as directed to improve and enhance service continuity and effectiveness for clients
  • Meets regularly with the clinical team as a means of enhancing professional growth, reviewing and processing the provision of case management services, and dealing with appropriate administrative issues
  • Maintains close communication with the psychiatrist, PCP and specialists for input regarding medication and medical treatment
  • Develops monthly progress notes and quarterly reviews of the plan of service to be submitted to the representative agencies
  • Performs other duties as assigned by supervisor which are consistent with the position and in compliance with agency policies and procedures
  • Maintain and advocate for all Flatrock residents' rights
  • Complete any additional task assigned from the Executive Director