Conquer Flu Season

The winter months are rife with influenza and colds, on top of the ever-lingering coronavirus still in our midst, so it is crucial we don’t become complacent in our practices that can help protect us from getting sick.


A reminder of the simple, tried and true methods that can prevent illness, which we encourage of all our staff and care home residents at Flatrock:


  1. Get vaccinated if possible. Whether it is for the flu or COVID-19, this is the best bet to prevent serious illness.
  2. Wash up! Wash your hands often with warm water and soap. Say your ABCs while doing so to prevent a rush job. When water and soap aren’t available, use hand sanitizer. Keep it in your car, purse or desk, so it’s handy.
  3. Social distance. Stay six feet away from others. When that is not possible, wear a mask.
  4. Clean and disinfect your home. The CDC has great guidelines about how and when to clean, sanitize and ventilate your home every day and when someone is sick.
  5. Change the filter on your home’s HVAC system at least every three months.


Finally, if you are feeling sick, stay home to ensure you don’t spread your illness to others. At Flatrock, we ensure all staff are trained in cleaning and disinfecting practice to ensure all our residents say healthy.

Be well!