Eating Well Promotes Emotional Wellness

October is not only Emotional Wellness month, but also Eating Better, Eating Together month. They are not mutually exclusive! Eating better and together can help with your emotional wellness:


Harvard Health reports that eating a lot of processed foods that are fatty, salty and sugary affects your gut health, which can affect your mood. You may ask, what does my gut have to do with my emotional wellness? For one, 90 percent of your serotonin (the feel-good hormone) receptors are in your gut.


Harvard Health points to another study that suggests that eating a healthy, balanced diet such as the Mediterranean diet and avoid inflammation-producing foods may help prevent depression.


So how does eating together affect our emotional wellness? One, sharing a meal with other people is a life-affirming activity. Studies have also shown that those who eat alone and on the run such as in their cars and at their desks, tend to make poorer food decisions that those who break bread with other people.


At Flatrock, meal time is family time and we enjoy our time at the table!