Mental Illness Awareness Week

Did you know that according to more than half of the people with mental illness don’t receive help for their disability?


While for some it may be due to issues with access, or lack of awareness of their illness, for many is due to the stigma, prejudice and discrimination against those suffering from mental illnesses.


Stigma stems from misunderstanding. Some of the dangerous misconceptions about mental illness include:

  • People with mental illness are dangerous
  • Those with mental illness are incompetent or unpredictable
  • People with mental illnesses caused their disorder


These perceptions lead to lower standards of health care, as well as employer and landlord discrimination.


One way we can stop the stigma of mental illness is to stop the silence. If you struggle or have struggled with mental illness, speak up about your challenges! It helps you enlighten and educate others, and honesty and openness benefit your well-being. We are only as sick as our secrets!