May is National Mental Health Awareness Month

Every year, millions of Americans struggle with the reality of mental illness. Since 1949, May has been designated as National Mental Health Awareness Month. Each year, this national movement fights stigma, provides support, educates the public and advocates for policies to support those with mental illness and their families.


This year, the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) is amplifying its message: “Together for Mental Health.” This message focuses on realizing a shared vision where anyone affected by mental illness can get the appropriate support and care.


NAMI encourages people experiencing mental health conditions to share their stories and for the public to read these lived experiences, to raise awareness of and prioritize mental health.


At Flatrock, we understand that lack of awareness of mental health issues can mean a disconnect between people and the care they receive, so we strive to spread awareness and fight stigma every day.

You can also help share awareness information for Mental Health Awareness Month and use the #MHAM hashtag throughout May!