September is National Pain Awareness Month

National institutes of Health (NIH) acknowledge chronic pain as a disease. It can come from a variety of issues ranging from arthritis to a traumatic injury. Many people struggling with ongoing pain also face stigma from others who minimize or are skeptical of their blight.


Some of the common, and hurtful comments we should avoid when faced with someone dealing with chronic pain are:

  • You don’t look sick
  • If you lose weight (or exercise of any other advice), you’ll feel better
  • You’re just depressed
  • You just want the good drugs


To be supportive of those with chronic pain: support research into pain treatments; continue to  invite a friend with chronic pain to events and outings but understand if they decline; and learn about their limitations.


We at Flatrock take the wellbeing of our residents and staff seriously. If you are experiencing pain that is not abating, attend seminars and events about pain management and talk to your physician about pain management. Share your experiences as you will find you are not alone!