Tips for National Stress Awareness Day

November 2 is National Stress Awareness Day. Everyone has stress at some time or another. Stress has an image problem, as we assume it’s all unhealthy. In fact, not all stress is bad for you. Without it we would never achieve anything, connect with others or make any alterations in our lives.


Stress is our body’s way of responding to changes, and it protects our body from harm. Too much stress causes harm to our mental and physical health and relationships.


Carole Spiers, Chair of International Stress Management Association says “good” stress is called eustress. The difference between good and bad stress is that good stress is lacking one element: fear. A good analogy would be going for a brisk walk. If you are in good health, this should feel fine, and the kind of stress put on your body is beneficial. But if during a walk you experience sharp pain somewhere on your body, you may become fearful as your body is in distress. 


To help prevent stress from provoking undue anxiety, consider:


  • Recognizing and letting go of things you cannot change
  • Exercising to let go of built-up anxiety
  • Practicing health habits such as a balanced diet to bolster your coping mechanisms
  • Noticing and recognizing your limitations