Celebrating World Autism Day 2022

Did you know that autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is found 4.3 times more often in boys than in girls? According to the Child Mind Institute, that is because girls mask symptoms better than boys and don’t fit the autism stereotypes.

An excellent way to commemorate World Autism Day — on April 2, 2022 — is to become aware of the characteristics of ASD and promote understanding of it. ASD is a developmental disorder that is caused by differences in the brain. It is important to recognize these differences, but not try to change those who have them.

Some of the most common characteristics of those with ASD include:

  • Avoiding or not keeping eye contact
  • Having trouble sharing feelings or understanding others’ feelings
  • Repetitive motions or language
  • Having obsessive interests
  • Must follow certain routines

At Flatrock, many of our residents have ASD, so our staff is trained properly so they can understand their differences and provide an inclusive, accepting environment in which all our care home residents can thrive.