World Kindness Day is November 13

We have all benefitted from kindness. Whether it was a parent who cared for us; a teacher who took a special interest in our education; or a friend or stranger who said or did a kind word or deed during a difficult time.


Did you know though that kindness is contagious? Scientific American shares studies that found that people not only imitate positive actions, but the spirit underlying them. This demonstrates that “kindness” is contagious, not just the kind act. For example, witnessing someone spend many hours a week volunteering at a charity may not result in a single mother of three with a full-time job in volunteering a bulk of her time, but may result in her practicing kindness in other ways.


Some ways to practice kindness:


  • Share positive thoughts about someone with them. It is good to think good thoughts about others but communicating positive thoughts to a person goes a long way.
  • Listen. This one practice is one of the kindest things you can do for others.
  • Be aware. If you are aware of others, you can better practice kind acts. For example, if you are on a bus and unaware of a disabled person standing, you have missed the chance to be kind.
  • Share. Whether it is your belongings, knowledge, kind thoughts, or time, giving away something of yourself is a kind act.