Make a Friend Day

We all know that friendship enhances our lives by reducing loneliness and providing fun and support. But did you know that friendship is beneficial to your health?

Studies have shown that people with strong social connections have better physical health! Friendship can positively impact cardiovascular health, immune function and even longevity.

At Flatrock, we encourage our staff and residents to regularly make and nourish friendships, which leads to an enhanced quality of life.

On Feb. 11 each year, we recognize Make A Friend Day, an annual observance that encourages all of us to make a new friend and grow our friendship circles.

Friendship provides emotional support and brings joy and laughter. Those with strong friendships report increased feelings of happiness, self-worth, and overall life satisfaction.

One of the ways friendships influence your health is that it reduces stress and improves mental health. As we know, stress can contribute to a lot of negative physical problems — such as a weakened immune system, high blood pressure and digestive issues. Our mental health is also linked to our overall health — as depression, anxiety and personality disorders can lead to a slew of physical ailments.

Want to make new friends? The adage, “Be a friend to make a friend” still holds. Some ways to form new friendships include:

1.     Ask someone you would like to get to know better out for coffee or tea.
2.     Join a club for an activity you enjoy.
3.     Listen
4.     Share your time and thoughts with another
5.     Pay someone a sincere compliment.