Give Your Loved One the Gift of Quality Care

Give Your Loved One the Gift of Quality Care

Offering Adult Foster Care Nationwide

Flatrock's adult foster care centers are designed to encourage meaningful interactions and a sense of independence within a supportive environment. We have medical coordinators in every home and 24/7 access to primary care physicians to make sure all of our clients receive the health services they need.

We Specialize in Adult Behavioral Health Services

One of the most important aspects of the behavioral health services at Flatrock is community integration. Our team helps clients maintain connections with the community by fostering independence and interaction. The staff at our group homes and community living support centers:

  • Help clients with personal care, taking medicine and other daily tasks
  • Encourage community integration through outings and group meetings
  • Facilitate structured activities and group entertainment

Find Specialized Care Programs At Flatrock

Find Specialized Care Programs At Flatrock

Providing Occupational Therapy Services Nationwide

You want the best for your loved one. Flatrock believes that means empowering our residents with the skills they need to feel self-sufficient. Our clinical programs teach self-care, academic, communication and social skills. Our occupational therapy services can help your loved one perform daily tasks on their own, while our family-like environment gives them a sense of community.

We offer clinical programs and occupational therapy services nationwide. Call now to speak with a program director.

We Employ a Full Skilled Nursing Care Team

Unlike many other adult foster care services in the area, Flatrock offers skilled nursing care through our highly trained team of clinicians. When assisting clients with severe behavioral challenges, our direct care staff can call on the aid of our in-house:

  • Occupational therapists
  • Psychologists
  • Sensory therapists
  • Counselors
  • Mental health nurses
  • Case managers

These clinicians coach our direct care staff through challenging situations.

Call now to learn about the skilled nursing care teams nationwide.